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Solution-Focused Education, Coaching, Communication,
& Career Development for Individuals, Groups, & Organizations

Customized Coaching, Consulting, & Training Solutions
for your Education, Communication, Organizational, & Career Needs

Knowledgeable, Positive, Innovative, respectful
strengthS-based & solution-focused

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Positive, Strength-Based, & Solution-Focused
Services in the Following Areas


From Hope to Happening

  • Customized Design & Facilitation of Education & Training for Individuals, Teams, & Organizations

  • Curriculum Development & Learning Tools

  • Program Design & Delivery, including Customized Presentations, Workshops, & Training

  • Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Consulting, & Advising

  • Coaching for Success

  • Academic Planning & Advising

  • Strategies for Enhancing Learning, Engagment, & Performance - for Individuals, Teams, & Organizations

  • Building Your Plan for Success in Education & Beyond

  • University Search & Application

  • Document Design & Review

  • Interview Planning & Preparation

  • Designing a 4 Year Progressive Plan for Success in High School, University, & Beyond

  • Academic Coaching & Identifying Opportunities for Growth & Greater Professional Development




From Wondering
to Working WELL

  • Career Coaching

  • Strategic Planning for Your Career

  • Confidence Building for Women & Girls

  • Career Development & Advancement

  • Career Exploration & Transitions

  • Skills for Success

  • Networking with Ease

  • Developing & Enhancing your Positive Personal Narrative

  • Resume & Cover Letter Creation & Enhancement

  • Interview Preparation

  • Cultivating Good References

  • Enhancing Confidence & Utilizing Anxiety to Improve Performance


         from contemplation        to completion

  • Communication Consulting & Training for Individuals, Teams,
    & Organizations

  • Enhancing Communication & Interviewing Skills

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, including Planning & Preparation for Presentations

  • Enhancing Professional & Social Communication Skills

  • Communication Strategies for Enhancing Confidence & Managing Anxiety

  • Communication Coaching

  • Customized Writing & Editing

  • Writing Instruction & Coaching

  • Document Design, Review, & Revision


About & Contact

Joanna Boutilier has a passion for supporting and encouraging people to identify and expand their
strengths and resources and take the next steps
forward to reach their goals – and also to develop
the positive mindset, tools, and strategies to achieve further success.  Her warmth, creativity, intelligence, resourcefulness, and experience as an educator,
facilitator, writer, editor, consultant, curriculum
developer, and coach allow her to meet clients
where they are and exceed expectations for making progress and building lasting solutions.  In her work
with individuals, teams, classes, and organizations, 
Joanna truly excels at helping clients identify and
leverage their existing strengths to move forward
with greater confidence and success. 

As an award-winning educator and mentor,
Certified Solution-Focused Practitioner, and
Certified Positive Educator, Joanna brings enthusiasm
and experience to her coaching, consulting, and
education clients. With a Master’s Degree from
Queen's University, an Honours B.A. from the University
of Toronto, as well as post-graduate Certificates in
Career & Academic Advising, Solution-Focused Counselling & Coaching, Student Affairs & Services, 
Life Skills Coaching, and Teaching English as a
Second Language, Joanna is well-prepared to apply
her knowledge and skills in support of your goals
and projects. 

Joanna Boutilier, M.A., CSFP, PEC

Director - Strategy Plus Success

Phone: 647.987.8354